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Frequently asked questions

  • I would like to use an external display, only to show the videos, not the app interface, is this possible?

    Absolutely. Just turn on the Full Screen Mirroring option in the project menu. When plugging the Lightning AV adapter to an external screen or projector, vidibox will display a popup with the resolutions that are supported.
  • When I am using an external display there is some latency between my touch input and the audio and video output. Can I reduce it?

    If you are using the VGA or HDMI adapter you can reduce the latency by unplugging and plugging again the audio 3.5mm jack output. If you are using Airplay, there is no trick to reduce the latency we are aware of.
  • What media formats are supported by vidibox?

    Vidibox supports all the audio and video formats that are natively supported by your iPad. This includes: h264 .mov and .mp4 videos, and .wav, .aiff, .mp3 audio files. For better accuracy, we recommend you use uncompressed 44k .wav or .aiff audio files.
  • What video resolution does vidibox support?

    You can import videos of any resolution, but vidibox will automatically convert it to 640x480 h264 optimized videos.
  • Wait! 640x480 is pretty low-res

    At the moment we want to provide a unified experience accross all iPad devices. This will eventually change in the future. Also, keep in mind that this is the resolution of an individual video displayed in the grid, and that you can play several of them on the screen.
  • What iPad models are supported?

    Vidibox supports all iPad models starting from iPad 2. However you will get the best experience using an iPad 4th Generation or the newer iPad Air or iPad Mini Retina.
  • Does vidibox support MIDI?

    Yes, although we are still at an early stage in terms of testing and robustness. For best results turn the Background audio option on, especially if you are using wireless MIDI. Please note that vidibox does not allow to create a network session at the moment, so you must create it with another app.
  • Sweet, so what MIDI messages are supported?

    Note on and off (in and out) with velocities, Clock sync (in and out). Control change for activating and tweaking effects are not supported yet.
  • I am trying to create a wireless MIDI session from a desktop app, but my iPad does not appear, what do I do?

    Try to turn off your iPad WIFI and turn it on again.
  • Does vidibox support Audiobus?

    Yes, Audiobus is supported (output port only). To be sure Audiobus is enabled, you must turn the Background audio option on and restart the app.