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There are oceans of content hanging out there in cyberspace. And some of that content is being produced by your competitors. In this environment, consumers are far more demanding in terms of what they want content to provide and pretty picky about what content they choose to access and view.

Your goal is to produce content that will attract and engage your target audience, and, as well, move them to take some action. The additional goal is to show up on generic searches for keywords and keyword phrases that consumers use.

A Lot of Work for You

All of this means research – lots of it. You have to figure out the demographics of your customer base; you have to understand their pain points, their needs, their sense of humor, the style and tone of the content that engages them. This includes not just text but also visuals, videos, and other media venues that your audience finds captivating.

After the research, there is then the actual creation of the content – content for a website, a blog, social media platforms, and perhaps direct advertising. And each type of content will be a bit different, even though they may address the same general topics, specific to each campaign.

You Have a Business to Run

Most business owners are terribly busy. They are focused on the products and services they are developing and offering; there are finances to organize and worry about; there may be meeting with potential investors or candidates for job positions; there are customer orders to fill, perhaps inventory to manage.

What you probably do not have time for is a strategic plan for content production, given the amount of work involved. But does have the time, along with the expertise you need to get it done right.

What Offers

Here is what our content experts can do for you:

  • We will assign a content writer with experience in your niche.
  • Your content writer will discuss your business and your business goals.
  • Your writer will conduct all of the research necessary regarding your target audience and the content topics that will most engage them.
  • A calendar of publication will be devised, focusing on both topics and social media platforms where your audience hangs out
  • Content will be created that will provide a variety to entertain, educate, and inspire.
  • Content will include the latest SEO strategies
  • You will review all content and approve it before it is published.

We will always track the success of the content we produce and make revisions and modifications as those analytics suggest. Again, this will always be discussed with you before we move forward.

We want you to be an active participant in the content that is produced for you. But what we can relieve you of is the need to research, produce, and analyze that content. Leave that to our experts whose only job is content production. You need to focus on growing your business.