La La Anthony does not think she will ever get married again after her divorce, she appeared on The Breakfast Club on Thursday where she talked about her divorce from ex-husband Carmelo Anthony, she said now that she had got married and divorced, she is never getting married again, she set getting married to are just something that needed to be checked, its liking doing the things you wrote in your bucket list and checking it off one by one. She said she can have relationship without needing marriage to validate it, been there done that, La La explained that the experience from her marriage is enough for and those experience are not something she wants to have a gain, she’s have her fill of marriage, some people get married so they can say oh look at me, I am married. She said she’s not trying to discourage anybody from getting married, just because it didn’t work out for her doesn’t mean it won’t work out for everybody, she think is like a business deal, it’s easy to decide to get married but when everything stop working out you will start dealing with divorce like you are not the same people that decided to get married at one time before everything turned messy, she said she just want to have normal relationship because marriage tends to complicate everything, something that’s supposed to be simple will turn complicated, so she doesn’t feel the need for marriage.

La La Anthony
La La Anthony

In June 2021, La La filed for divorce from her husband after 11 years of marriage, the two only have a child together, Kiyan, 15, the cause of the divorce was irreconcilable differences, but the two were first separated in 2017 when it was rumored that her then husband was cheating on her. La La on call her daddy podcast said things began getting complicated when her then husband was traded from Denver to New York City. She remembered moving to the big apple was the start of the end of their relationship, she explained that the media got involved in them when they moved, people are always watching you, waiting for you to make a mistake by watching your every move.

La La said moving to New York help her worked harder on her career, but the main reason for the demise of the relationship was infidelity, she said she’s a woman that can never forgive been cheated on. Even after the divorce, the actress doesn’t think everything in the marriage was bad, they had a beautiful son together and they also had a great time in the relationship before everything got messy. She said her and her ex-husband are still friends because they share a son.

When she was asked if there is any romance in her future, she said she’ looking for someone she can have fun and amazing time with, she is looking for someone whose personalities match her own