Taylor Swift 10th studio album “midnight” is back, it was written and directed by the pop star. One of the songs on the album is anti-hero, anti-hero also a music video release the same day as the album. A scene in the anti-hero music video was said to be controversial, if you’ve watched it, there is scene where Swift was standing on a scale, instead of showing her weight in kg, it was FAT that appeared on the scale. The scene was later edited when an argument occur online, based on the scene, people think the way being fat was portrayed in the music video was not acceptable, it makes it look as if being fat is a disappointment. We don’t know who made the approval for the edit to be done, but the edited music video can only be seen on Apple Music as the original one still present on YouTube.

In the Anti-Hero music video, Swift was seen sitting down at a dining table at the start of video, she start down waiting for midnight, after midnight, she started running through the house, away from the people she “I’ve ghosted”, when she ran to the door, she opened to find a different version of herself on the other side of the door, the new version told her that she is the problem, and “at tea time, everybody agrees” that she’s the anti-hero. The new version started teaching Swift life lessons, she told her not to trust anybody because they will eventually “betray her.” Swift also imagined her funeral in the video, “I had a dream that my daughter-in-law killed me,” and as usual with Swift, there are plenty Easter eggs to go around.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Swift have been vocal about her past struggle with eating disorder, so the fat scene from the music video was a reference to that, in the Netflix documentary Miss Americana released by Swift in 2020, the 32-year old singer admitted that even though it has only happened a few times, sometimes her insecurities comes out to play when she see a picture of herself where her tummy look like that of someone that is pregnant, she feel triggered to starve herself.

Taylor Swift commented on the inspiration for the song anti-hero, she said the song is one of her “favorite” song she has ever written. As someone who always over share about her personal life in her song, Swift said the song is the first time she has spoken about her insecurities this deep, like many people, Taylor also sometimes struggle a lot in her day to day life and she has come to term with it. So, she does not want anybody to feel sorry for her because of this.

Everybody have one or two things that they all hate about themselves. To Swift, anti-hero is a song about all the things “I tend to hate about myself,” so to Swift, anti-hero is a really honest song.